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5 Reason Why to use

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Best Family Beachportrait in Wildwood New Jersey

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From beach photographer.Sir. Carlo A. DeFelice

Beautifully and amazingly producing beach family portraits with their children and grandchildren seemingly frozen in time. The founder and owner of, Carl A. De Felice has more than forty years of experience in all phases of the photo industry. has developed a style that for over 24 years has instilled an intense sense of Pride That Mothers and Grandmothers experience in seeing their life's accomplishment of raising a family displayed on a large Canvas.
These Generational Portraits are the "Rockwell's" of our time and will be proudly displayed as a fine work of art over any fireplace mantel or sofa. What greater gift could you present to your mother or grandmother than a personal family work of art?
With you will be saving BIG, and you will be happy you did this.
I Guarantee it!

Digital enchantment that surpasses all others along with conversion from Color to Black & White prints.
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